Marijuana Legalization Initiative Announced in Maine

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Marijuana Legalization Initiative Announced in Maine

Responding to a Maine legislative committee rejecting a proposal today which would of legalized marijuana in the state, activists in Maine are preparing an initiative aiming to bring the issue to a vote of the people in the next presi10038341_H5415872-600x399dential election. The announcement came today by David Boyer, Maine Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), in response to the committee’s vote. Many advocates had high hopes for the proposal that was rejected today 8 to 3. The committee held a 6-hour public hearing on the issue earlier this month.

MPP is one the largest marijuana reform organizations in the nation with tens of thousands of volunteers and an annual budget in the millions.

Given that the measure would be aiming for the 2016 ballot, a signature drive would be quite a few months away, but building early support for the initiative will help assure its success, and may push lawmakers to approve a proposal in the next legislative session so that they have more say over regulations.

Those interested in getting involved in marijuana law reform in Maine can contact the Marijuana Policy Project by clicking here.


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  • Shirley silvers
    May 15, 2013

    COME to Georgia! Get this legalized. I will talk to lawmakers. Marijuana helps my pain. I’m allergic to pain pills and I can’t take them. Marijuana helps the pain. It also has cured a badly damaged kidney and stopped a transplant. I need help doing this in Georgia!

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