Marijuana Expungement Bill Filed in Washington

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Marijuana Expungement Bill Filed in Washington

Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon has filed legislation that would allow those previously convicted of possessing up to 40 grams of marijuana to have it expunged (removed) from their record.

Under House Bill 1260, those who were previously charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and were at least 21 years of age at the time, can apply to have the charge permanently removed from their record. The measure requires the courts to expunge the charge as long as their has been no violent or DUI-related charges that have taken place since the marijuana charge.

House Bill 1260 currently sits in the House Public Safety Committee. Co-sponsors include Representatives Noel Frame, Nicole Macri, Gael Tarleton, Gerry Pollet, David Sawyer, Jessyn Farrell, Ruth Kagi, Eileen Cody; Sherry Appleton, Timm Ormsby, Tana Senn and Joan McBride.

HB 1260 would allow for expungement of up to 40 grams of cannabis, despite only an ounce (28 grams) being legal. This means that the measure also effects charges made after the state legalized cannabis in 2012, since possessing 28 to 40 grams remains a misdemeanor under the state’s current law (possessing over 40 grams unfortunately and ridiculously remains a felony).

Click here for the full text of the bill.

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