Marijuana: Best Ways to Store It in Dispensaries

Marijuana: Best Ways to Store It in Dispensaries



Marijuana has become a main stay in our society and people make more use of it today than they ever have before in the past . Marijuana (often called cannabis) is a drug, made up of the flowers, leaves, and buds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. It’s primarily smoked in pipes or hand-rolled cigarettes, but can be vaporized, applied to the skin through creams, brewed into tea, cooked in food and really leveraged in hundreds of ways.


Digging into its history, it’s interesting to note that people and cultures have used many different parts of the cannabis plant for recreational and medicinal purposes. While its pleasurable effects are well documented, its medicinal purposes are still being explored, researched and tested. Many believe that this miracle plant can help with;

  • Symptoms of multiple sclerosis,
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Chronic pain in adults
  • Low appetite
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • And much much more


Recent studies also show that it can help with sleep-related issues (sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and MS).


Usage and Effects


In general, marijuana usage has a large role to play in determining its effects. For example: 


  • Ingesting: if you consume marijuana-including products by mouth, the effects are visible after 1 hour.
  • Smoking or inhaling: the effect is noticeable within minutes and the peak after 20-30 minutes.
  • Topical: it’s beneficial for people who use marijuana for treatment and inflammation and can have a slow and long terms effect.


The majority of people who use marijuana for recreational purpose say they fell the following types of short-term effects:

  • Euphoria (a feeling of relaxation),
  • Feeling of hunger and increase in the appetite, 
  • Changes in perception (space, color)
  • Ease in chronic or nerve pains


Historically many artists, scientists and prominent visionaries have leveraged these feelings to drive creativity and thought and get inspired.



Marijuana: The Myths


With the continuing increase in the use of marijuana, there is a lot of misinformation that is spread. Here is a short list of common myths and explain to help set the record straight:


Myth #1: Marijuana is a harmful drug 


Fact: A few years back, this was the talk track in many major countries. The “war on drugs” in the US had cannabis in it’s cross hairs as it was believed to be a “gateway drug”. There were many scientific papers and political propaganda created to show the harmful effects of cannabis to try to deter the population from using it. However, nowadays marijuana is not considered a harmful drug. With more scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of the various chemicals in the plant, it is become more clear that cannabis is a healthier option than tobacco or alcohol.


Myth #2: Marijuana creates dependence and addiction


Fact: There have been mixed views around the level of addictiveness in marijuana. There is evidence that Marijuana is less addictive than cocaine, heroin, and cigarette smoking. Much of the addiction is user-based and depends on the individual, their habits and triggers. Many folks have food addictions but that doesn’t mean food is bad for you. It’s about maintaining control and consuming responsibly


Myth #3: Marijuana Causes Cancer


Fact: It’s confirmed that marijuana smoke contains carcinogens. However, according to statistics marijuana smokers consume lesser amounts of marijuana than cigarette users consume tobacco. More testing is required to really understand the causes of cancer from cannabis. A study conducted by UCLA, actually showed that extra usage of marijuana (compared to a control group) didn’t cause additional levels of lung cancer and in some cases had the opposite effect by providing a positive on the users’ health in other ways. Bottom line, if a user has a strong concern about the carcinogens of marijuana smoke, then take cannabis in other forms like through edibles. 


Myth #4: Marijuana is considered a gateway drug


Fact: There is a greater probability that people using marijuana are eager to start making use of other drugs as well, but there is no clear relationship and/or evidence between marijuana and these decisions. Generally, if someone uses marijuana it doesn’t mean they will end up using heroin or cocaine. It really depends on a lot of factors such as why they started using marijuana in the first place. 

Now that we cleared up some cannabis myths, let’s dive into how to properly store cannabis. There’s no better way then to examine how Dispensaries (the experts) do it.


How Dispensaries can Better Store Marijuana


If you’re a business owner and budtender, running a successful dispensary you understand the importance of proper marijuana storage to ensure freshness and customer satisfaction. Here is a shortlist of the tips and tricks that dispensaries should keep in mind.


Light and Dark

The biggest factor which leads to the degradation of cannabis flowers is light. You should always give preference to darkness, as exposure to light lessens the chances of them staying fresh. Light breaks down the cannabis and reduces it’s effects both from a health and euphoric perspective 




Higher temperatures make the cannabinoids begin to breakdown the leaves start to curl up, resulting in an unpleasant flavor. Likewise, cold conditions may change their composition and brittleness. Keep them below room temperature where mold and mildew wont thrive.


Air and Vacuum Sealing

Another factor that helps to store cannabis efficiently is the oxygen level. Too much oxygen can accelerate the degradation process, meanwhile, too little oxygen may change humidity levels and cause mold. The best way to protect marijuana from oxygen exposure is to vacuum seal. Sealing marijuana keeps it fresh and healthy for a longer period.


The Storage Container

Plastic jars aren’t good options for storing cannabis. Use vacuum-sealed containers, glass, or ceramic containers to keep marijuana fresh longer. 



Many people suggest tossing fruit rinds into the jar of marijuana to rehydrate it and improve flavor. However, doing so may lead to too much absorption which, in turn, makes marijuana unsmokeable and moldy. Be careful when adding additional elements to your stored cannabis. It can have a wonderful effect in moderation but it can rapidly spoil your stash.


Tobacco humidor


Also consider avoiding using a Tobacco humidor (like for fine cigars). They are typically made of cedarwood and the wood oil can be absorbed in cannabis flowers, affecting its flavor and taking away its terpene profile. 


Buying and Customizing the Right Containers?


Now with this additional knowledge around marijuana, its effects, and ways to store it, it’s time to help your dispensary stand out among others. Custom-printed items can help you promote your business and stand out in a now crowded space. Ganjaprint, an all-inclusive store of custom-branded items for dispensaries and smoke shops provides a big variety of lighters, bags, matches, grinders, jars and rolling papers, and much more. 


At Ganjaprint, a dispensary-owner can order its logo to be printed on any product. For example, Ganjaprint has designs for refillable custom BIC lighters with a 72-hour rush print job offered. Using their website,  you can easily order these lighters or any great packaging you want fully customized to your theme. A strong and consistent brands helps drive customer loyalty and return business for years to come.

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