Marijuana Advocates Double Number of Joints Being Handed Out at Trump Inauguration to 8,400

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Marijuana Advocates Double Number of Joints Being Handed Out at Trump Inauguration to 8,400

Marijuana advocates have announced that they are doubling the number of joints they plan to hand out for free leading up to President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

“Due to an overwhelming public response and an unprecedented grassroots outpouring of support for our #Trump420 legalization efforts, we now plan to give away 8,400 joints to adults for free on Inauguration Day,” says Adam Eidinger, co-founder DCMJ. “Without such an organic showing of citizen engagement and participation, we couldn’t have rolled 840 joints a day in just 10-days time. We thank all of you, who have continued to support our mission of driving responsible marijuana laws forward.”

According to a press release about the event; “DCMJ’s #Trump420 legalization efforts encourage adult voters to use their voices and votes to urge President-elect Trump to maintain his campaign-stated support for D.C.- and state-legal marijuana laws, and to keep the U.S. Department of Justice’s hands-off approach to voter-passed responsible marijuana initiatives.”

“We are encouraging Americans to use their civil liberties and speak out against these failed policies of the past,’” says Eidinger. “We need to seriously ask ourselves if we want to risk arrest, lose a job, be charged with a felony, watch on the sidelines as minorities pay all too high of a price, witness a loved one be denied access to medical treatments that improves their quality of life—or for that matter—if vast majority of voters actually think that smoking a joint should be a criminal offense under federal law? If you look at this past election, the answer seems clear—no—they do not. not against us in this long overdue effort to address our nation’s failed drug policies.”

According to Eidenger, the group will meet outside of Dupon Circle at 8am on January 20th, and will parade toward the National Mall soon after. They plan to hand out the joints along the way. Members of the group plan to light up four minutes and 20 seconds into Trump’s inaugural address.

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