Man Wins Lottery, Pledges Half A Million To Cannabis Reform

Bob Erb of British Columbia won the lottery, earning himself a grand-total of $25 million. An activist at heart, Bob put this money right to use, by donating a large sum to a local homeless shelter, and pledging up to $500,000 to fight for an end to cannabis prohibition.

Round of applause to Bob.

“The biggest social injustice I’ve seen in all my entire lifetime is the criminalization and prohibition of marijuana,” he told CTV on Friday.

Right on Bob.

Bob, who told CTV that he “generally smokes 10-15 joints a day, 7 days a week”, will be donating his money in the form of a matching donation (someone gives a dollar, he matches it, up to half a million), which will go to the group Sensible B.C., which slogan is “Decriminalize Cannabis For a Safer Province.” In addition to lobbying their governmen598771_346942648730192_1096813873_nt to pass reform, the group is building its base to try and gather enough signatures to put the Sensible Policing Act to a vote of the people.

This act would redirect police resources, essentially decriminalizing cannabis possession, while also calling upon the government to remove cannabis from their Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. It also mandates that the government launches a public commission, which would study and recommend the specific rules needed for the province to implement a legally regulated cannabis system. Lastly, it alters minor laws so that a minor in possession of cannabis is analogous to a minor in possession of alcohol.

Given that the Sensible B.C. is a relatively new group, and getting the required signatures will be far from easy, this donation will go a long way towards ensuring a more sensible British Columbia moving forward.

– TheJointBlog

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