How to Make a Joint Filter

How to Make a Joint Filter

By Drew Jameson, Green Rush Daily

Joint filter.Joint filters, they’re a controversial subject among joint smokers. At first glance, a “filter” would seem to imply removing some of the ingredients from the weed smoke, leading to a less potent hit. On the other hand, filters provide unmatched benefits in terms of rolling and smoking a J, especially when it comes to airflow and getting rid of the “what to do with the roach” problem.

Here’s some advice for creating a perfect — and stylish — filter for your joint.

Premium filter or “tip” paper — which is free of chemicals and bleach — can be found in any smoke shop. Look for papers with no creases to them.

Novices, however, may prefer to buy some “pre-creased” filters; they make it easier to start rolling the thicker filter paper.

If you don’t have any filter papers on hand, use the packaging from a cigarette carton or the cardboard package around your rolling papers.

Now you’re ready to get started. Take about one-quarter of the filter tip (or the pre-creased portion) and start folding it back and forth, accordion style.

Next, making the smallest fold you can manage, start rolling the filter tip from the other side, toward the “zig-zag” accordion folds you just made.

Finally, roll the zig zag accordion folds back toward the other end of the filter paper you just got done rolling. This double-direction rolling makes sure your filter won’t unroll by itself!

Here’s where things can really get creative. If you have filter papers that aren’t pre-creased, you can use the “accordion” folds to create any design you want.

For example, you could make seven folds, with the fold length longer in the middle and shorter on the ends. By the time you get that rolled up in the filter tip, it’ll look like a marijuana leaf!

Now, you’re ready to smoke in style.

Experiment with different folding strategies to create your own designs. Everything from peace signs to an anarchy “A” is possible. The only limit is your imagination!

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