Maine Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Approve Measure Allowing Hemp Cultivation

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Maine Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Approve Measure Allowing Hemp Cultivation

Today, with a vote of 9-1, Maine’s Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee approved a measure explicitly allowing hemp cultivation in the state, even before a federal change takes place. Under current Maine law, hemp is legal for certain purposes, though the law mandates that an individual can’t receive a license to grow until federal law changes – this measure would remove that requirement, and would allow farmers in the state to begin cultivating hemp this year.

On top of making this change, the measure would remove a requirement that mandates that applicants for a hemp license submit fingerprints to the state, which would be taken by law enforcement.

The measure now moves towards a full House vote – a companion bill is currently being considered in the Senate.


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  • Joel
    April 10, 2013

    This is great! The farmers should know to save the hemp leaves to feed them to the sick. Hemp leaves are anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anxiolytics and anti-psychotic, stronger than any modern day vitamins or pills.

    Learn why and how using hemp as a vegetable is so nutritional and medicinal.

  • hdl
    April 16, 2013

    Laws that do not embody public opinion can never be enforced.

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