Maine Lawmakers Hold 6 Hour Public Hearing On Marijuana Legalization Measure

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Maine Lawmakers Hold 6 Hour Public Hearing On Marijuana Legalization Measure

Maine lawmakers just finished a public hearing on a measure which would make Maine the 3rd state in the U.S. togood-weed legalize marijuana for adults. Maine’s Joint Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety held the hearing on LD 1229 – the Marijuana Regulation Act – and the hearing contained dozens of testimonies.

“We have seen over the past several years a real culture shift in the attitudes towards marijuana”, stated the bill’s sponsor, Diane Russell, at the start of the hearing, “whether you like legalization or don’t, this issue is coming to our state. We have a responsibility as lawmakers to get ahead of the issue and deal with it responsibly.”

LD 1229 is supported by a bipartisan coalition of over 30 State Senators and Representatives, several of which testified in favor of the measure.

Other supporters included numerous Maine residents, representatives from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and the Marijuana Policy Project, and others including a city council member from Portland, Maine. Advocates argued that legalizing marijuana would reduce the dangerous black-market and increase revenue to the state.

Opponents, which consisted of the usual – substance abuse and prevention “experts” and law enforcement, mostly – made predictably stale arguments, such as it increasing “stoned driving” (advocates hit back with a recent study showing a decrease in traffic fatalities in medical marijuana states), and maintaining the myth that it’s a gateway drug (one speaker pointed out that the only thing making marijuana a gateway drug is the black-market which marijuana is placed in).

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The committee scheduled a workshop for next Friday, where they will discuss the measure, including any possible amendments. The committee, although anything can happen, is expected to approve the measure.

Recent polling shows 57% of Americans to be in support of legalization.



  • tony smith
    May 4, 2013

    they talk about addiction , the goverment wants to keep people on pills and other addictive drugs that they control the high prices to . the leaders of OUR country wouldnt be able to graduate from a high school now days because they have no common sense . well its the truth .. i have seen 15 year old students that can give good ideas to help our economy but our leaders cant . if they just let us get medicated we dont even listen to their dumb ass thoughts. sorry its what ive gathered from them opening their mouth and letting dum shit come out ……

  • Brandt Hardin
    May 8, 2013

    Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster featuring Uncle Willie Nelson and The Teapot Party for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

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