Maine Lawmakers Discuss Allowing Legal Hemp Production, Despite Federal Ban

In 2009, Maine became one of 8 states in the U.S. to legalize hemp. However, this law indicates that farmers can’t Mainereceive a state-issued license to grow the plant until federal law has changed.

A new measure being discussed in Maine’s Legislature, which has a public hearing in the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry on March 28th, would remove this requirement, allowing farmers in the state to begin growing hemp by the end of the year, regardless of federal law. Lawmakers in Vermont have recently filed similar legislation.

This measure would put it in the hands of the federal government to enforce archaic hemp policies. The feds themselves are currently discussing bipartisan legislation to end hemp prohibition.

Congressional research shows America’s hemp market to be worth over $400 million, which we import from other countries.


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  1. I have been advocating for the legalization,regulation and taxation of marijuana for yrs now. The amount of revenue it would bring to Maine would be astounding. The hemp products.The medicinal value of this plant alone is amazing. Any herbalist,would tell you that.In Rep. Diane Russell’s words”the federal govt,can’t even name a bridge.” Maine has to take care of ourselves. We are pretty low on the concerns of the senate,and yes, even the white house. Time yo step up Mainers and get this bill passed.


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