Love Potion #1 Marijuana Strain Overview

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Love Potion #1 Marijuana Strain Overview

Love Potion #1 is an energetic sativa that has become known for its aphrodisiac-like effects.

Love Potion #1 is a cross between Colombian Gold and the vaunted G13. The results are a sativa-dominant strain that possesses an uplifting high and a delicious lemon-skunk flavor and smell that has hints of flower.

Many who have tried this strain, including a majority of those who have left reviews on Leafly, praise its effects as a potent aphrodisiac

The top effects of the Love Potion #1 marijuana strain are:

  • Energy
  • Increase in libido
  • An uplifting body high
  • Relaxation without drowsiness

Some of the top medical ailments it helps with are:

  • Fatigue/Low Stamina
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain relief and also
  • Anxiety

Growing information:

Love Potion #1 flowers in around 75 to 80 days. It has a typically medium yield that finishes around November.

This strain is suitable for SCROG and SOG setups, and is highly sensitive to light; this means it needs complete darkness during night cycle to grow properly.


At the time of publication Love Potion #1 has 69 reviews on Leafly (not a joke, check yourself; and don’t you dare leave another review to bring it to 70!) with an average score of 4.4 out of 5.

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Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you may want to check out Leafly’s strain finder. This feature can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying the Love Potion #1 marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.

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