Louisiana House Approves Marijuana Research Resolution, Full Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Bill

Louisiana’s House of Representatives has passed House Resolution 1899, and the full legislature has approved Senate Bill 35.

House Resolution 1899, sponsored by Representative Frank Hoffman, was passed by the House with a unanimous 93 to 0 vote. 12 member abstained from voting.

According to its official legislative digest, House Resolution 189: “Urges and requests the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Centers at New Orleans and Shreveport, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, and the Louisiana State University and Southern University Agricultural Centers to pursue opportunities for basic research, applied research, and clinical trials to evaluate the safety and clinical efficacy of marijuana for therapeutic use.”

The full text of the three-page measure can be found by clicking here.

A separate marijuana-related measure, Senate Bill 35, was recently sent to Governor Bel Edwards for consideration. That measure would exempt those involved in the state’s medical marijuana program from arrest and prosecution. For the full text if Senate Bill 35, click here.

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