Los Angeles Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Measure D

Los Angeles voters were tasked with deciding between three different medical marijuana measures, and Measure D was the only proposal that won the majority of their support, with well over 60% (votes are still being counted, but given the logistics of the results thus far, the race can be called as passed). Measure 12.6-LosAngelesSuingD was crafted by the city’s council, and supported by the mayor and city attorney. Advocates of medical marijuana have urged voters to approve Measure F, which would have allowed for an unlimited number of dispensaries, so long as they met certain requirements such as testing for contaminants – the measure failed with nearly 43% voting in favor. Measure D limits the numbers of dispensaries in the city to 135 – those open prior to 2007 – and sets arbitrary, absurd regulations such as requiring access points to close by 8PM.

Although there is sure to be further legal challenges, this measure, for better or worse, will clear up some of the confusion surrounding the city’s fluctuating medical marijuana industry, which has seen, just over the past couple years, the city’s council ban dispensaries, before quickly repealing the ban after advocates garnered enough signatures to put a repeal on the ballot.

The vote comes a day after California’s Senate voted to finally protect dispensary owners and operators from prosecution.


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