Los Angeles Voters Approve Marijuana Initiative Measure M

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Los Angeles Voters Approve Marijuana Initiative Measure M

Los Angeles Measure M, which advocates call the “world’s most comprehensive legalization measure”, has been overwhelmingly approved by voters.

measure mMeasure M was approved Tuesday night with 79.4% voting in favor. According to Southern California Coalition (SCC), who spearheaded the effort, Measure M is “a holistic approach to legalization, which provides Los Angeles City Council with a comprehensive, yet fluid regulatory framework, along with the ability to address issues in real time while fairly licensing, taxing and regulating the city’s state-legal marijuana industry.”

The group says the measure’s passing “will also help create an opportunity to determine the appropriate number of operators needed in order to help meet Los Angeles’ patient and consumer needs in a responsible and sensible way.”

“Los Angeles is leading the country and world in responsible and inclusive approaches to legalization,” says Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson. “The passing of Proposition M is a great victory for common sense, law enforcement and all Angelenos. We gave communities a voice in the process, and their voices will be continued to be heard. This measure is what responsible marijuana laws should look like, and we couldn’t be prouder of our city.”

We are thrilled Angelenos voted yes on Proposition M,” said Adam Spiker, executive director of SCC. “This precedent-setting framework will provide Los Angeles with the ability to address issues—not in piecemeal—but in a comprehensive way.  The measure will also provide the city with more jobs, along with millions in tax revenue towards city services each year. We will continue to work to implement the comprehensive and inclusive framework that Proposition M lays out as well as bring more responsible approaches to legalization to other parts of the state and country.”

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The full text of Measure M can be found by clicking here.

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