A Look at the Top Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

A Look at the Top Portable Cannabis Vaporizers

By John Vapor

There’s a world today that’s changing everything – the marijuana industry! As many people are starting to get involved in the medical aspects of cannabis, cannabis products have grown in popularity. Vaporizers are among the fastest growing cannabis product, as many people use them for the medical benefits brought forth by the advanced technology vaporizers now use.

Since vaporizers are becoming the growing trend, there’s a demand for specific and specialized vaporizers. There are many different types of vaporizers you can purchase and it all depends on what you actually need it for.

Portable Vaporizers

Because of the added convenience portable vaporizers carry, they’re in high demand. There are many new models as companies continue to research new ways to take advantage of  improving technology. Most people buy portable vaporizers because of the discreet designs, there reliability, and the ability to easily consume cannabis on-the-go. There are many different types of portable vaporizers; it all depends what type of bankroll you’re working with. If you’re going to buy a high quality, reliable portable vaporizer, you’re going to want to invest around $150 – $250 to get a great device.

Haze Vaporizer

The haze vaporizer is a new dual portable vaporizer that just came out this year (2014). It has many different features with 4 pre-set temperature settings. Temperatures begin at around 320 Degrees Fahrenheit and max out at around 420 Degrees Fahrenheit . The LED indicator lights display the set temperature level. Level 2 is the most popular temperature as it reaches 352 Degrees F, making it the most reliable setting to produce smooth vapor. The Haze can be used with marijuana, oils and waxes. It uses both convection and conduction heating. There are two dual stainless steel walls to separate the dual compartments. You can enjoy two completely different materials simultaneously, it’s that amazing and has never been used before in a portable vaporizer

The haze is only 4 Inches Tall, 3 Inches Long, and 1 Inch thick. It makes it a very small vaporizer which can fit practically anywhere you wish. The design is very creative as it look like a mini radio and provides the best discretion among portable vaporizers.

Overall if you are looking for one of the best portable vaporizers, look no further, the Haze is just that! Prices start at $249.99 and you get $13 off at checkout.

Desktop Vaporizers

Using an herbal vaporizer around your house, desktop vaporizers are the type to buy. You just plug the cord into the wall and wait for the unit to heat up. There are many great types of desktop vaporizers for sale and there are many great ones you can buy. There are many types of desktop vaporizer as there are ones that use direct heating with the materials or ones that force air through a silicone tube into a mouthpiece or balloon. There are many neat desktop vaporizers for sale. The affordability for desktop units are lower than portables as you can find a very good desktop vaporizer at around $70, but a high quality one is going to be $150-$300 .

Da Buddha Vaporizer

The DaBuddha by the 7th floor company is a well known, high-quality desktop vaporizer and best used with marijuana. You vaporize very high quality marijuana and the results are highly concentrated vapor. It is hand built right in the USA and uses a very reliable ceramic heating element with glass-on-glass to ensure the safest vaping sessions. You can load a little or a lot of weed with over 3.5 grams of room to place your bud in. Turn on the DaBuddha and in 2 minutes you’ll be getting pure vapor.


Buying the DaBuddha you get a 3 year warranty to protect your investment and all the accessories you need are included. Overall you’ll enjoy this hands-free device as everyone has written only the best reviews of the DaBuddha vaporizer.

Pen Vaporizers

Being the most popular of them all vapor pens are becoming the main grounds for replacing cigarettes. On average a daily smoker will spend over $6,000 a year on cigarettes and health related costs. If you buy a pen vaporizer you’ll save that amount since you’ll only spend $4.99 a month on a bottle of e-juice. But there are many vapor enthusiasts that love to use pen vaporizers for marijuana. There are a few high quality pen vaporizers to buy that most people enjoy using for their marijuana moments.

Atmos Boss

One of the newest Atmos products ever made, the Atmos Boss is one of the best vapor pens in the industry. It has a very sleek and durable design with laser carvings inside the stainless steel outer shell, makes the person feel like they’re the Boss!


The Atmos Boss uses a powerful embedded heating element that gives users powerful heat with precise temperature control settings. The structure of the Boss is Anodized steel with a scratch resistant shell. It is capable of withstanding the most common mistakes of dropping a vaporizer. The Boss produces extremely thick vapor clouds as it vaporizes marijuana and dry materials. Your herbs will never turn into ash as the Boss has ultra-sensing temperature technology in its big herbal chamber.


When you buy the boss on YourVaporizers.com , it comes with a free Atmos 2 Go vaporizer which is a $33 value as well as free shipping.

Buy A Vaporizer

Reading all this, hopefully you understand the power and efficiency a vaporizer carries. There are many stores online you can buy from but I recommend trusted stores that use Paypal and have good reviews. You should buy all your vaporizers from YourVaporizers.Com and you can use coupon code: LEAF for $10 off instantly. Also, you get free shipping if your order is over $99.99 .

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