Legislative Proposal to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Louisiana, Would Allow Unlimited Possession

Legislationlouisiana to legalize recreational cannabis for those 21 and older has been filed in Louisiana’s House of Representatives.

House Bill 117, filed by Representative Dalton Honoré, would explicitly legalize the possession, use and distribution of cannabis for recreational purposes. The measure would establish no specific possession limits, meaning it would legalize the possession of an unlimited amount of cannabis. This is in contrast to many recent legalization efforts, but would put cannabis on the same field of legality as alcohol and tobacco, where any amount is legal to possess.

“Everybody wants to do this, but nobody wants to step forward, and this is why I want to take it to the people to vote,” says Representative Honoré.

Representative Honoré points to success that’s being had with legalization in Colorado; “The studies have shown over the past year that crime has gone down and traffic fatalities have gone down in the state, and Colorado has produced some $44 million from sales and taxes for the State of Colorado”.

According to the latest statistics from the Louisiana Department of Corrections from June 2013, there are 1,372 people serving sentences over marijuana possession charges.

“We still have the mentality to put them in jail, lock them up and throw away the key”, says Representative Honoré. “We incarcerate more persons per thousand than anywhere in the world, in Louisiana”.

House Bill 117 has been assigned to the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee. If approved into law, the measure would be put to a vote of the people during the 2016 general election ballot.




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  1. Marijuana is a peacemaker, a painkiller, a relaxant, a sleep aid, and oh so much more and in the discussions, decions and outcomes. Also in the House of Representatives and Congress. I believe there could really be some rational changes to our world made. I wonder what our American Indian heritage did when sitting around that circle smoking the “peace” pipe. For every disease or ailment on this planet …. God has made a cure. Why overlook what God has provided. I have a sister that has always crticized “dopers”. Now she is praying for a way to get hemp oil as it has proven to cure cancer. Her 28 year old challenged daughter just had a large malignant tumor from her brain about 2 weeks ago. She’s just begging and praying for some way to get some pot. She is in Arkansas with miniscule finanacial resources. She can’t buy any locally on the streets because she is known as the “narc lady”. Now that she needs it …. she knows no one will sell it to her. Time is ticking.
    Kinda like the Governor’s last reprieve

  2. Just Legalize It. It would truly help out our state with jobs and training and bring in a huge cash flow from taxes that would help our schools, repair the roads and bridges and info-structures throughout our state that are in dire need of repair. No one has ever died from cannabis and is a lot safer alternative to alcohol are tobacco, and is a medicine that helps a lot of people for all types of aliments that they are bothered from. It would also take away the over stressed and crowded prison situation that we have and would open jail cells for people who really try to cause harm to other’s in our society. So please lets all get together on this one for our state. It is a win-win situation.

  3. I hope it gets passed because we arest more people than anywhere in the world because of canabis. If we would finally legalize canabis over here we would have a much better crime rate in our state.

  4. I have 3 sons good chance they will smoke one day once the get older. I would rather see them go to shopping center next to the cvs an pick up a little bagie where we know what’s in it and the person selling it is not pushing meth on them while he has a gun under the recliner he is sitting on. Plus I’m paying taxes to goverment so they can stop me an many other from doing something they enjoy that hurts no one. If you are not going to use my money the way I want give it back! LET THE PEOPLE VOTE

  5. I would love to see this get legalized in the state of Louisiana because it would help the people that really need it most. you will see less stuff and more profit of people not being in jail distributing marijuana are jails will be less packed with people who sell marijuana and the real criminals they deserve to be put in there marijuana has never killed anyone alcohol and other types of drugs have marijuana is not a gateway drug.

  6. The same problem here is the same as with any important decision in legislation and Congress…….responsibility

  7. Seriously whoever said its against God is stupid if God didnt want us smoking it he wouldn’t have put it on earth for us to enjoy so before you go saying its against Gods word show me the script In the HOLY BIBLE my point

  8. I would like to vote on “The legalization of cannabis”. It is my right and duty to vote. On the lighter side, to vickie jones, I did have a Twinkie stolen by someone who was high from smoking pot, once in the 70s.

  9. The laws of our country are in place to protect the people of this country from those within or other country(s) from harmful acts or actions that opossess our freedom of life & liberty. So having a law that strips it’s own people for what we stand for, and does so not for actions that impossesed any threat or harm to The People directly or indirectly is in it self ILLEGAL. Not only should cannibis be freed!! So to the people that are in jails for no violent acts but for having, in any form, possesed marijuana.

  10. It was all about money when our government passed and allowed on the books the unconstitutional law making it a “crime to cultivate or possess ANY type of the cannabis family. I now the majority of Louisianas’ want this law decriminalized, but the sheriffs who have a lot of power in this state don’t want the law to change because its how they get the majority of their money to expand and afford extras for their Dept’s. Our government knows that a law against a natural substance in its natural form and is not a direct danger to anyone/thing.And having such a law placed on the books to only benefit gov/states/cities and strips the people of their freedom for NO ACTION(s) that took/stripped or in dangered NO ONE, is a.propaganda and is unconstitutional. The people of Louisiana our scared to stand up and fight for freedom because of the amount of pull/power these sheriffs have. I say life is to short to have anyone believe that they can take away any of my freedom that the CREATURE gave me. I am and will remain using cannabis and if anyone believes I’m going to allow my freedom to be taken for no crime against man or nature better be ready to fight to the death. STEP ON MY FREEDOM AND I WILL STOMP ON YOUR KNECK!! Be TRUE. Standup for YOURSELF and the RED,WHITE & BLUE.

  11. i do agree iiqour is worse.i don`t know one person who got high that committed murder r robbed someone. to many people have medical issue where this product can help…

  12. I think they should legalize it it’s sad they rather pump us full of prescription meds pills stuff that eventually brakes the body down instead of legalizing something natural not man made that won’t hurt the body if you ask me there either dumb to the facts or really just want to kill us or maybe it’s a control thing who knows but I smoke and I refuse to condemn my body or put anything un natural in it so legalize or not I’m still gone do it I see nothing wrong with it instead of nerve pills I take a blunt to the head and I’m fine relaxed same thing there nerve pill do my pot do so you can keep your pills and alcohol thank you I will keep my marajuana you keep taking your pills and drinking your liver away I pass on all that

    • Immoral and against gods word?? God said I put forth all fruit bearing plants for you to use. The bud is the fruit! It is also the only plant known to man that is 100% compatable with the human body and helps the bodies ability to heal itself. For the bible beating catholics… it was the main ingredient in your anointment oil until your church saw fit to change gods written ingredients. Ban alcohol… it kills thousands each year and burdens our healthcare. Pot does not and you cant od on it. Gateway drug… not! Get higb and take a nap… get drunk and be talked into just about anything.. Dont believe me? Watch, hold my beer…

  13. People who say don’t legalize it don’t know the money and the medical benefits it can bring you live under a rock stop being downers

  14. Please legalize! Not only can this pull Louisiana out of the economic mess we are in (one of the poorest states in the country) but also the medicinal side of things. I have insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, rls, and bad eating problems. To put it simple. I don’t smoke I don’t eat. I don’t smoke I don’t sleep. I don’t smoke I have trouble being around crowds. So where does that leave me? Drinking? I have a family history of alcohol abuse, so I don’t drink.

    Most people who have researched it and are educated on the topic can also tell you how much less harmful it is than alcohol. http://responsibility.org/drunk-driving/drunk-driving-fatalities-national-statistics (Some statictics for thoes who don’t). Drunk driving kills over 10,000 people a year, and has no health benefits nor any medicinal (that I know of). That is around 32% of all deaths in accidents in 2013.

    And last I want to touch on the subject that was barley scratched on in an earlier post. This is for all of the people who know nothing about marijuana (hemp) and are against or are not sure about it. http://www.ccguide.org/manyuses.php
    Please watch the videos and learn about what marijuana really is and how it can really bring us a giant leap in the right direction. Don’t be someone who denies so many people in need of this great plant because of “hear say”. Do the research and educate yourselves. Please don’t let ignorance guide you. Study!

  15. Fully legalize it. Tax it to fund the schools & roads. Look at CO, the sky hasn’t fallen & there is millions in tax revenue being generated.(even crime went down sense being legalized) It makes zero sense to have a plant that has never in recorded history caused a single death to stay illegal while alcohol & tobacco kill millions while being legal. Racism is the issue that made cannabis illegal in the first place. But nobody got time to learn about the origins of it being made illegal or its benefits from being legalized & regulated. Also look at the jobs created by it being legal, this state sure can use the boost in jobs also. The positives by far are much greater than any made up negative for cannabis to be legalized & taxed. Follow the methods of Colorado it’s as simple as that. Plus people don’t want kids to have their hands on cannabis can rest easy knowing that dealers don’t ask for an I.D. to make sure they are of legal age to purchase but legal sales would do just that.

  16. The Head of the Louisiana’s Sheriff’s Association and Sheriff’s from all parish’s are just gonna show up at the state capitol again (Just Like They Did In 2014) and profess how hard and unsafe it will be for police to do their “jobs” if marijuana legalization passes in Louisiana. Opposition to the bill focused on the fact that the FDA had not approved marijuana for medical purposes, and legalizing more explicitly would compromise law enforcement officers and prosecutors by asking them to condone violations of federal law.
    Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said legalization of medical marijuana would need to have strict perimeters, and he would want the drug studied further before the state legalizes it for medical reasons. He also mentioned that drugs, including marijuana, were involved in 85 percent of the murder and rape cases he prosecuted as a district attorney.
    “It’s troubling that the attorney general of the state of Louisiana didn’t study the bill ,but with the clout he has, (swayed votes) against it.”

  17. I also have epilepsy. I’ve been on all sorts of medicine, and none of them worked for me. Legalization of cannabis would be such a wonderful thing. I’m a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I hope your bill is successful God put herbs with medical benefits on this earth to help ease man’s suffering. Our ansesters have been brewing teas that have helped relieve stress, headaches, seizures, etc. So many good people could benefit from the passing of this bill.
    Thank you for your efforts.

  18. I think as voters of this state we should get to vote on this.Rather you smoke or not we would get the chance to have a say in it being legal.I personally see it less harmful than achol and less deadly for sure. Rep. Honore we are behind you and Thank You.

    • People who wish to vote a against this?
      Please explain why?
      Do you like Crime?
      Do you want drug dealers to make money?
      Do you not understand the thousands of uses of cannabis other than to smoke it of course
      Like makeing food, clothing, Rope, dynamite, medicine, fuel…
      The level of ignorance I swear…
      Do some research into it…

  19. I umderstand that this is a push in the right direction but this will mot happen this year or next or 5 years from now with all likelyhood. Louisiana is a reasonably conservative state and we are normally one of the last people
    To enact legislation that is readily accepted everywhere else i give it 10 years or so whenever its federally legal is gonna be the first time u can legally smoke a joint in louisiana

  20. As Abraham Lincoln said….

    “Prohibition goes beyond
    the bounds of reason
    in that it attempts to control
    a man’s appetite by legislation,
    and makes a crime out of things
    that are not crimes.”

    Time to end prohibition.

    • not necessarily only possession charges others shall stay like people who made tax free money off it those shall stay cause that will always be a crime whenever dealing dealing with an illegal substance

  21. They need to legalize it… I have terrible insomnia and appetite problems like I can’t eat really. Smoking makes me able to e

  22. It would be so nice to have it legalized.
    It would also make the state and parishes money make room in prisons for the real criminals
    . Weed is not a drug . How want times have you ever heard of a child being killed by
    A weed smoker driving? How many times?? I don’t think I ever have.
    How many kids have been killed by a drunk driver too Damn many that’s how many.
    And you can buy that crap in bulk…… wise you Louisiana vote yes Yes Yes


  24. Michael Simmons Good luck to both you and your wife from Washington State. I’m disabled from the Polio virus I contracted as a child. I also experience spasm’s. Muscle spasm’s are the worst. Even after they subside it leaves you exhausted for an entire day or more.

    I hope this comes through in Louisiana. In Washington we are finding out that legalizing marijuana has had a negative impact upon medical marijuana and patient access in our state. The State and new recreational stores and other cannabis business owner’s want to force all medical marijuana patients into the state’s expensive recreational retail system. They are doing whatever they can to close our existing independent medical marijuana dispensaries, one’s we’ve had available to patient’s in need for years.

    I have been angry and have done all I can within the law to strongly oppose the state butting into a medical patients life. Sometimes they forget we’re just people, sick people. That said, after reading your comment, I will admit I feel fortunate that at least I have what get’s me through the day available. The old saying never look a gift horse in the mouth applies. I hope you do to soon. Bon Chance !

  25. I know many people who chose to drink alcohol rather than smoking pot due to urine test who have become chronic alcoholics and some who died from alcohol related illness that would have smoked had it been legal. Legalizing would allow adults to make the safer choice without all the criminal ramifications. Colorado is the perfect example that the sky won’t fall if you legalize weed. I would be a cop if they would legalize weed. It is not the evil weed that it has been depicted for decades. Legalizing is a nobrainer if you read and learn the FACTS and you don’t believe all the lies perpertrated by the government and law enforcement. LEGALIZE NOW!!!!

  26. I, Michael Simmons, would like to make my request & stand by whoever is next to me to make this Louisiana Cannabis Bill go into effect & would like to have medical marijuana legalized. I, sir, have had problems with my back & also I have 4 steel plates w/ pins holding my trachea & larynx together & also I stay really depressed, stressed, & my anxiety is always sky rocketing so when I do smoke it helps my nerves & helps with my depression. It helps with my back & keeps nerves from spasm’s & that really drives me crazy when that happens. Also my wife has 3 types of seizures & they are grandma seizures, tremors, & staring seizures & when we talk to her dr. he says yeah that cannabis would help especially the cannabis oil cause I have been reading up on all of it & it requires a certain amount & dosage for her a day to keep the seizures away, she takes medicine for her seizures, but she still has them the seizures. So the dr. upped her dosage & she still has them I just wish we the people will come together & make this BILL pass cause I of all people want this to pass so my wife can have a wonderful life together. She is 25 & I’m 33 so YES we are old enough to vote for this CANNABIS BILL & YES WE DO WANT IT LEGALIZED IN LOIUISIANA & let the state come to PEACE WITH EVERY 1 & EVERYTHING. GOD BLESS & HAVE A NICE DAY & ALSO THANK U FOR BRINGING THIS VOTE TO THE TABLE TO LET US THE PEOPLE DO THE VOTING. THANK U AGAIN, MICHAEL SIMMONS


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