Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Unanimously Passes Louisiana Senate Committee

A cannabisproposal to legalize medical cannabis, including state-authorized dispensaries, has been given unanimous approval by Louisiana’s Senate Committee on Health and Welfare. Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Passes Louisiana Senate Committee

The measure – Senate Bill 143 – would allow those with a limited number of medical conditions who receive a recommendation from a physician to possess and use medical cannabis in any form except inhalation, meaning that patients would need to rely on other forms of use, such as through oils, vaporizers, edibles and topicals. The qualifying medical conditions – which would have been any “medically recognized disease or condition” – was amended in committee to be glaucoma, cancer and spastic quadriplegia.

The bill would establish a system of state-licensed dispensaries and cultivation centers, to be regulated by the Department of Pharmacy.

Louisiana’s Legislature has passed medical cannabis legislation before – most recently in 1991 – though the laws were never properly implemented, never provided doctors or patients with protection from prosecution, and never established a means of distribution for the medicine. Senate Bill 143 was filed as a means of fixing the discrepancies in the law

Senate Bill 143, sponsored by Senator Fred Mills (R-New Iberia), is now up for a full Senate vote, where its passage will send it to the House of Representatives for consideration.


7 thoughts on “Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Unanimously Passes Louisiana Senate Committee”

  1. Unfortunately, Jindal will never sign this bill into law if it were to make it to his desk for signing. I am pleased however, to see Louisiana’s Senate step up and do the right thing. Now Louisianans just need to ditch that Right-wing Kook Governor.

  2. I’m glad that the lawmakers are finally starting to see the light about the medical be nights of marajauna but I wish they would allow it for more illnesses. I know plenty of people that could benefit from it but they don’t fit the criteria that the state has set.

  3. To me cannabis is not a DRUG..Crack,pills,coc,herion,.those are drugs they take more than a single ingredient then it’s not nayural where CANNABIS is where you can pick it off a tree like a Apple or a veggie and put it on your window seal to ripen I only went to the 10th grade but that tells me it’s a Damn PLANT.never heard of of anyone one freaking out on anything or anyone except there is one that gets the assault is the refrigerator that is attacked some call it the killer munchies but I pick up more alcoholic related issues than cannabis from drunk in public to watching and help in but bodie in black bags never heard of a cannabis overdose but everything else people have died from hope this made sense

  4. I’m from Louisiana and we are far from legalizing MMJ. Also, this is probably the strictest bill I have ever seen with only 3 eligible conditions ( cancer, glaucoma, and spastic quadriplegia) and no inhalation allowed….only extracts. Sen Mills worked with the sheriffs association to come up with this law for distribution throughout the pharmacy system. Last years law that failed was essentially gutted to this weak ass version, but it’s a start. Pathetic to be governed by a bunch of rubes who think cannabis is equivalent to ISIS. Nixon would be proud of the idiots we’ve put in charge down here. They are right up his alley for the most part.

    • The good news is this bill , even a starter is far better than getting hung with a CBD concentrate only law which is all the rage right now in Red State America (aka, Republican cover your rear mode). This bill is actually a good foundation because it can be expanded in the future. Things are changing far faster than most politician’s.

  5. Good for Louisana, another soon to be medical marijuana state. Unlike Florida, they are moving in the right directions. I just don’t see how people are still voting against medical marijuana, a plant cultivated from the ground. It blows my mind.


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