Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Alabama

A proposalAlabama-sign to legalize cannabis for patients suffering from a variety of medical conditions has been filed in Alabama’s Senate, with a companion bill to be filed soon in the state’s House of Representatives.

The Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient Safe Access Act (Senate Bill 326), filed by Senator Bobby Singleton, would allow qualified patients to possess and use up to 10 ounces of cannabis, and would allow them to purchase the medicine from state-licensed dispensaries. Representative John Rogers will be filing a companion bill in the House in the coming days.

Qualifying conditions would include autism, anorexia, bipolar disorder, cancer, chronic pain, AIDS, ADD/ADHD, migraines, glaucoma, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and several others.

The proposal would go considerably further than a medical cannabis bill approved by lawmakers last year, Senate Bill 174, which provided an affirmative defense for patients suffering from epilepsy who use and possess low-THC cannabis extracts.

The full text of Senate Bill 326 can be found by clicking here.



    • Backwoods Babe on April 27, 2015 at 6:33 pm
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    Sen. Jabo Waggoner, R- Vestavia Hills… vowed to NOT put medical marijuana bill on a special order calendar. This would mean the bill is dead.
    “It is bad legislation,” he said. “We don’t need that in Alabama.” REALLY? You don’t need medical cannabis in Alabama, even though thousands of your citizens are getting drunk everyday…and you think it’s perfectly fine to have an autistic child SCRATCH himself and toss himself through a window in ALABAMA, but that’s OK? I say this Senator is high. High on IGNORANCE.

    • Dan S. on April 4, 2015 at 10:18 am
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    There are too many far right “Christian” lawmakers in Alabama for any GOOD chance of passing a medical cannabis law as long as stupid shit like the “10 ounce possession ” part is put into it. I`ve been around long enough to know that somebody sitting on 10 ounces of weed is NOT a medical marijuana patient ONLY. And Alabama lawmakers will only see it as legalized drug dealing. States in the southeast are simple thinking so if a medical mj bill is going to even be considered it needs to be very simple. No big numbers or drawn out details that can be taken in any other way. Oh, and add some of these $$$$$$, and you`ll get their attention. So I don`t see Alabama doing anything until everybody else does it first or somebody with common sense comes up with a realistic bill.

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