Legislation to Legalize Hemp Passes New Jersey Committee

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Legislation to Legalize Hemp Passes New Jersey Committee

hempTwo bills to legalize the cultivation and distribution of hemp, while establishing a hemp grower’s license, have been passed out of New Jersey’s Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee. Assemblymember Anthony Bucco (R-25) was the sole no vote.

“More than 20 industrial hemp-producing countries worldwide each generate millions of dollars in revenue selling everything from fabrics to personal care products made from one of the world’s oldest crops,” said Assemblymember Reed Guscoria (D-15), who sponsored the two bills. “We cannot continue to allow misconceptions about the hemp industry to govern decision-making when an opportunity to create good jobs and expand our economy is on the line.”

Assembly Bill 2719 would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp – described as having 0.3% or less THC – so long as farmers register with the Department of Agriculture. Farmers would be fully allowed to sell the final product, though they would be required to report their sales to the state’s Attorney general.

The second measure, Assembly Bill 2919, would establish a license for those wanting to cultivate hemp.

Both bills now move towards a full Assembly vote.



  • Marc Frija
    May 9, 2016

    Its about time, the politician should do their job and stop dragging their feet.
    Hemp paper was used to write the declaration of independence, is it not enough proof that hemp should be cultivated and create jobs. hemp has thousands of uses, from paper to making jeans, to making food,to making rope,to making the interior of cars as Mercedes Benz is doing, do you need more proof than that?

  • Marc Frija
    June 13, 2016

    yes, politicians keep dragging your feet, here is a chance to create jobs and revenues to the state, and still you are blind to it. It is your job to get things moving, what are you waiting for?
    I’m talking about industrial hemp.

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