Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Indiana

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Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Filed in Indiana

Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian (D) has filed a bill to legalize medical cannabis.

The proposal – Senate Bill 255 – would allow those who receive a recommendation from a physician to possess, cultivate and use cannabis for medical use (up to eight ounces and 12 plants). Qualifying conditions include migraines, glaucoma, anorexia, post traumatic stress disorder, arthritis and several others.

A system of regulated cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers could be authorized as a means of safe access to the medicine. The bill would create the Department of Marijuana Enforcement (DOME), which would oversee the program.

According to a recent WTHR Howey Politics Indiana Poll, 73% of Indiana residents support legalizing medical cannabis; just 25% are opposed, with 2% undecided.

Below is the digest of Senate Bill 255:

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Establishes a medical marijuana program (program), and permits caregivers and patients who have received a physician recommendation to possess a certain quantity of marijuana for treatment of certain medical conditions. Establishes the department of marijuana enforcement (DOME) as a state agency to oversee the program, and creates the DOME advisory committee to review the effectiveness of the program and to consider recommendations from DOME. Authorizes DOME to grant research licenses to research facilities with a physical presence in Indiana. Repeals the controlled substance excise tax and the marijuana eradication program. Makes conforming amendments.

Click here for the full text of the measure.

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