Legislation to Legalize Industrial Hemp Introduced in Texas

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Legislation to Legalize Industrial Hemp Introduced in Texas

Legislation to legalizehempfield the cultivation, production and distribution of industrial hemp has been filed in Texas.

House Bill 1332, sponsored by Representative Joe Farias, would legalize industrial hemp, which would be defined as having 0.3% THC or less. The measure would establish regulations for those wanting to cultivate the crop, which includes receiving a license from the Department of Agriculture that would need to be renewed on an annual basis.

According to congressional research, the United States imports roughly half a billion dollars worth of hemp from other countries. The same research estimates the hemp market to consist of over 25,000 various products. Despite this, the cultivation of hemp remains illegal.

If approved into law, House Bill 1332 would take effect on September 1st of this year.

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  • Jayvia
    February 17, 2015

    wouod this make cannabis legal for recreational or medical use?

    • RMForbes
      February 17, 2015

      No, cannabis hemp for fiber and seeds is grown completely different from herbal cannabis plants which produces the cannabinoid rich resins and female flowers without seeds. Hemp for fiber is grown very densely, about two inches between plants which can grow up to 15 feet high. Hemp for seeds are grown about two feet apart so they can branch out to produce more seed baring female flowers. Both of these hemp types are allowed to pollinate freely and are harvested about 100 days after planting as soon as the seeds mature. Male plants are not removed when growing hemp like they are with herbal cannabis strains. The very last thing you want if you are growing medicinal or recreational cannabis is a neighbor growing hemp…it would destroy the potency of your crop.

  • Brenda Williams
    February 17, 2015

    I want to ask a question cause I don’t understand any of this I’m for
    Eastern kentucky can I grow hemp is that the right question or not

  • Anonymous
    February 22, 2015

    The crappy thing is i can`t have cannabis anymore 🙁

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