Legislation to Legalize Cannabis to be Filed this Week in Massachusetts

Massachusetts massaState Representative David Rogers will introduce legislation this week to legalize recreational cannabis.

The proposal, drafted by a team of lawyers and activists, would legalize the possession, use and private cultivation of cannabis for those 21 and older. The measure would also legalize both cannabis retail outlets and cannabis cafes, and would allow for the expungement of past cannabis convictions.

Although the full text of the measure isn’t currently available – and won’t be until early next week – Representative Rogers’ office tells us that the proposal would allow for the unlimited home cultivation of cannabis, meaning there would be no limit on how much an individual can cultivate on their own property. There will be strict regulations, however, on the cannabis industry.

Representative Rogers plans to file the proposal by Friday, which is the deadline for the 2015-2016 session.


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  1. this would be sweet! I wouldn’t have to buy off of sheisty teens just to relieve my anxiety…matter of fact buying off of them just creates more!


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