Legislation to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Ireland

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Legislation to Legalize Cannabis Filed in Ireland

Roscommon Teachta Dála Luke Ming Flanagan (a member of Ireland’s House of Representatives) has filed a piece of legislation aimed at legalizing cannabis, titled the Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013. ireland-pushes-for-legalisation

According to the Irish Times, this proposal would legalize and regulate cannabis for recreational and medical use in a way similar to Colorado’s Amendment 64. The home cultivation of up to 6 plants, and the possession of up to an ounce, would become fully legal for anyone 21 and older.

The proposal would also authorize “Cannabis Social Clubs” which would allow up to 50 members to cultivate up to 300 plants, which could be distributed, so long as it remains nonprofit, and would establish a cannabis authority to regulate the sale, labeling and cultivation of cannabis through cannabis retail outlets.

According to local news sources, the legalization of cannabis would bring in over 300 million euros annually for Ireland.


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