Legislation to Legalize Marijuana Deliveries Filed in Washington

Bipartisan legislation to legalize marijuana deliveries by certain licensed cannabis retail outlets has been filed in Washington’s legislature.

Marijuana DeliveriesHouse Bill 1712 was filed by Representative David Sawyer (D), who has introduced several positive marijuana measures this session, with cosponsor Cary Condotta (R). It has been referred to the House Commerce & Gaming Committee.

Under current Washington State law, marijuana deliveries are illegal even by licensed cannabis retail outlets. This hasn’t stopped cannabis delivery services from sprouting, but none are operating legally and many have already been shut down by local law enforcement. For medical cannabis patients, some of which have a hard time even leaving their house, this is a challenge; especially considering that there were dozens of medical cannabis delivery services in the state as recently as last year (some of which had been serving patients for 10+ years), before Senate Bill 5052 shutdown the medical market.

A new measure filed in Washington’s House of Representative looks to change this by allowing cannabis deliveries to take place, if done by a licensed retail outlet who receives a delivery endorsement.

According to the official legislative digest of House Bill 1712, it;

Creates a marijuana delivery endorsement to a marijuana retailer’s license that authorizes the holder to deliver marijuana products to a person who is at least twenty-one years old at a private residence, hotel, motel, boarding house, resort, hostel, trailer camp, or similar lodging business.

You can find the full text of this measure by clicking here. It has yet to be assigned to a committee, but was filed just four days ago.

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