Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin December 1 in Michigan

Marijuana sales will be legal in time for Christmas in Michigan.

According to a state notice published on Wednesday, legal marijuana stores will begin opening on December 1, and will sale their products to anyone 21 and older.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that current medical marijuana businesses can transfer up to half of their inventory to the recreational market, reports the ABC12. “However, those businesses must obtain a recreational license from the state. Michigan regulators started accepting and approving those licenses earlier this month.”

Michigan voters approved an initiative to legalize marijuana in 2018, allowing every 21+ to possess up to 2.5 ounces in public or up to 10 ounces at home.

Private sale of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use also have been legal for nearly a year, notes ABC12. However, the voter-approved law gave the state one year to develop a licensing and enforcement program for the commercial production and sale of marijuana. The law also allows local communities to decide whether they want to allow marijuana businesses within their boundaries. Mid-Michigan communities have decided for and against marijuana businesses.

Widespread commercial sales of marijuana aren’t likely until March or April while licensed suppliers grow and harvest their first crop, according to the Associated Press. Commercial marijuana sales in Michigan are subject to an additional 10% tax. That is expected to raise about $130 million a year for schools, roads and local governments.

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  1. The medical dispensaries are short on product now, this is silly. Switching half their product over to adult use just means that BOTH rec and medical will be short, just silly.


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