Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin Tomorrow In Colorado

After months of anticipation, the time has come; beginning tomorrow, January 1st, recreational cannabis sales will be underway in Colorado, with dozens of outlets expected to be open around the state, especially in Denver.Cannabis-plant1

Whether or not you’re someone who’s lucky enough to live in, or be visiting Colorado during this historic moment – the first day of legal recreational cannabis sales – everyone in the cannabis reform movement (and everyone who supports cannabis legalization) should take a minute to truly let this sink in. Legal, recreational cannabis sales, will begin tomorrow in Colorado, with another state (Washington) and country (Uruguay) only a few months from following suit.

We clearly have a long, hard fight ahead of us before we win this battle (making cannabis legal everywhere), but the victories that have been made – despite decades of harsh and steadfast propaganda – is nothing short of incredible, and we must use it as inspiration to keep fighting, while not falling complacent with the victories we’ve achieved.

As we move forward into the new year, we’d like to applaud those who have helped, and who will continue to help, reform our nation’s – and world’s – cannabis policies.

Cannabis prohibition will be put to an end. The real question, is how fast we can we do it?


1 thought on “Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin Tomorrow In Colorado”

  1. When faced with the next ballot opportunity, are there any jurisdictions remaining where the people haven’t been sufficiently informed to vote in favor of ending a ridiculous prohibition? Presuming it may take two years before the issue has been placed on every ballot, that’s likely how long it will take before it’s been voted in favor of legalizing everywhere. It’s understandable that we have some apprehension as the general public is suddenly exposed to a new intoxicant. But it’s not that sudden, and it’s not alcohol like they’re going to go nuts partying and going wild. Colorado will be under the microscope and we should be confident that they’ll maintain civil order.
    The truth about the plant has become knowledge to enough people, the prohibition is most assuredly coming to an end.


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