Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin in Oregon in Two Weeks

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Legal Recreational Cannabis Sales Begin in Oregon in Two Weeks

potIn just two weeks, legal recreational cannabis sales will begin in Oregon. Oregon will follow Colorado and Washington, which already allow such sales.

On Thursday, October 1st, Senate Bill 460signed into law by Governor Kate Riley in July will take effect, allowing each of the state’s 300+ medical cannabis dispensaries to begin selling cannabis to anyone 21 and older, regardless of whether or not they’re a patient or resident of Oregon.

You can find a list of each of every approved medical cannabis dispensary in Oregon, including address and contact information for most of them, on the state’s official website by clicking here.

Although Oregon allows for the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis (or up to eight ounces at a private residence), dispensaries will only be authorized to sell up to a quarter of an ounce at a time. Licensed cannabis retail outlets – expected to be open by next summer – will be allowed to sell up to an ounce, and will be regulated by the Oregon Alcohol Commission.

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In addition to possessing and purchasing cannabis, those in Oregon are allowed to cultivate up to six plants.


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