Legal Cannabis Sales to be Occurring in Nearly 10% of Country by Year’s End

Legal Cannabis SalesToday Alaska officials gave approval to the state’s first-ever legal cannabis retail outlet. They plan to approve numerous more in the coming days, with most expected to be open by the end of the year. Cannabis is already currently being grown as cultivation licenses (along with licenses for testing labs) were OKed in June.

Once Alaska’s retail outlets are open – likely around the end of November – legal cannabis sales will be taking place in four states; nearly a tenth of the entire country (the other states with legal cannabis sales are Oregon, Washington and Colorado). This is huge accomplishment given that there were exactly 0 legal cannabis states just four short years ago.

Although cannabis being legalized in 10% of the country so quickly is certainly an incredible thing, it could get a lot better really soon, as the number may jump to 20% if there are victories this November in California, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona and Nevada.

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