Learn About These 10 Vape Juice Flavors That Have Changed The Market

Learn About These 10 Vape Juice Flavors That Have Changed The Market

The vape liquid market is quite diverse. There is an e juice liquid for everyone. Whether you like the milky, fruity, or candy tastes, you will be able to find it. Meanwhile, vape juice manufacturers are releasing new products regularly. It makes it really hard to keep track of all the new products on the market.


To streamline the research process for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 vape juice flavors that changed the market. Who knows, maybe one of the products on this list will end up being your favorite vape liquid 2021.


Crazberry Limeade by Citricity


Delta Extrax

Crazbeery comes from Citricity, a renowned vape juice manufacturer. So what makes it one of a kind? The answer is relatively simple – it’s the unique combination of flavors. Two main notes are cranberry and raspberry. But these two flavors are ingeniously mixed with mouthful limeade. Together they create a flavor that sticks with you and makes you want to vape more.


Churronimo by FJ’s E-Liquid


Imagine taking a bite of a cinnamon pastry filled with vanilla bean flavored ice cream? Can you imagine that explosion of flavors? FJ’s E-Liquid managed to formulate vape juice that replicates the experience. If you are quitting smoking with vaping to make the transition easier, you should consider trying this one. Vaping is not only healthier than smoking, but it also allows you to taste flavors as magnificent as the one delivered in Churronimo.


Fruit Fusion by House Line Alternative


Fruit Fusion by House Line Alternative brings a brand new experience to vapers worldwide. It is a fruity flavor, as the name suggests. On the inhale, you can taste peach candy and strawberry. When you exhale, you get the same taste, but it gets sweeter. Meanwhile, it remains completely smooth. It’s great to see vape juices that provide different sweetness on the inhale and exhale.


Berry Slush by Slush


Berry Slush is a great vape juice. If you decide to use it as your daily juice, you will stay refreshed thanks to the blue raspberry ice flavor. Every hit you take will take you to that time when snow cones from ice cream trucks were the only way to get some cool during the hot summer days. Thanks to Berry Slush, you get to have a snow cone every time you need it!


OMG So Good – Housel Line Alternative


OMG So Good is another vape juice by House Line Alternative you see here. What’s unique about this juice is that it provides a smooth experience while bringing a delicious bouquet of flavors. Vanilla custard flavor on the inhale and a creamy cheesecake flavor on the exhale. It’s really bold to name a vape juice OMG So Good, but you will find them to be right, especially if you have a sweet tooth yourself.


Prelude by Black Note


It’s hard to translate the natural tobacco taste into the world of vaping. It seems that Black Note did an excellent job of doing it with the Prelude vape juice. Of course, we are talking about the Virginia tobacco blend. It has some sweetness to it while offering a soft and mellow taste.


Hawk Sauce by Mt. Baker Vapor


Hawk Sauce is one of the unique blends you can find on the market. It combines menthol with sweet and sour berries. Berries deliver a complex mixture of tastes, while menthol acts as something that has to cool down things a bit. Plus, menthol can open up upper airways, an exciting menthol vape juice to try.


Churrios by The Milkman E-Liquid


If you lean toward bakery flavors and love pastries with cinnamon, you will find Churrios very tasty. The main note is milk, but not just any milk. Churrios blend is based on honey-infused milk mixed with some nuts and cinnamon sugar. It’s very smooth, and you can use it as an all-day vape or when you get that cinnamon pastry craving.


Audrey by Bombshell Premium


Close your eyes and imagine a baked lemon bar fresh out of the oven sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. If you take a hit of Audrey by Bombshell Premium, you won’t be able to tell whether you just vaped or took a bite of that lemon bar.


Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns


Castle Long Reserve’s rich taste comes from Kentucky bourbon, charred oak, two types of vanilla, brown sugar, toasted coconut, and roasted almond. It is a pretentious version of the standard Castle Long. It’s not made to be your all-day-vape but a rare treat.


Vape juice has to pack a unique blend of tastes that resonates with the vapers to change the market. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, all ten vape juices on this list do it while delivering the memorable vaping experience with every hit. All you have to do is pick the one that reflects your personal preferences.

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