Lawmakers in Mexico City to Consider Legalizing Cannabis Next Month

Mexico City’s Federal District City Council, and Mayor Miguel Mancera, announced recently that talks will begin in September regarding the potential reformation of Mexico City’s cannabis policies.marijuana plant 400

According to the announcement, lawmakers in September will debate the health, economic and security aspects of cannabis, including the possibility of legalizing the substance for medicinal, or even recreational uses.

One of the changes lawmakers will consider is legislation announced in June – to be filed in September – which would legalize the possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis, as well as private home cultivation.

“We will be very responsible in this debate,” stated Manuel Granados, chair of the city council’s governance committee, “In Mexico City we agree on replacing criminal policies with health policies. We are ready to hold this debate and, at the right time, to legislate”.


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  1. And that’s with out neighboring law or fed’s fucking them? And what if my country “the states ” decide our national security may be in danger due to it’s war with narcotics sold blackmarket funding carrel and terror.


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