Largest Police Union in Italy Announces Support for Legalizing Cannabis

police unionCompletely contrary to how police unions in the U.S. publicly feel about legalizing cannabis, Italy’s largest police union has announced their support for ending cannabis prohibition.

According to Felice Romani, a spokesperson for SIULP (Sindacato Italiano Unitario Lavoratori Polizia – or roughly translated to the Italian Police Workers Union), legalization would make cannabis safer by allowing for the monitoring of chemicals and pollutants. Romani says that legalization would also help combat widespread crime associated with cannabis black market.

The SIULP’s endorsement of legalization comes just a couple months after Italy’s top anti-mafia official endorsed legalizing cannabis as a means of combating the mafia and terrorism (both of which gain large portions of money from illegal cannabis sales).

Italy’s no stranger to cannabis, with their Army currently growing it as a means of reducing costs for patients, though it still remains entirely prohibited for those without a prescription from a physician.

2 thoughts on “Largest Police Union in Italy Announces Support for Legalizing Cannabis”

  1. The difference between American police attitudes and Italian police attitudes may lie in the spoils and who gets them. In America, police departments are able to confiscate everything and keep or sell the stuff. Legalization in the US stops the gravy train for local police, the DEA, for-profit prisons, etc.

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