Kentucky Speaker of the House May Support Medical Cannabis Legalization in 2014

Kentucky Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo is “leaning towards” supporting medical cannabis legalization, reports the Associated Press.stumbo His support would drastically change the conversation in the state, which has continuously found medical cannabis legislation pushed to the wayside. With Stumbo’s support, medical cannabis legalization may be a real possibility in 2014, when lawmakers will be filing a new proposal.

Earlier this year, Stumbo infamously blocked an attempt to legalize hemp in the state, before backing down from that stance due to public and political pressure. The bill he attempted to block, has now become law.

Stumbo’s potential change-of-heart in regards to medical cannabis is more likely than not due to recent polling which found that an overwhelming 78% of Kentuckians support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Regardless of his reasoning, having Stumbo’s support going into 2014 would be huge, and would undoubtedly help to make Kentucky the next state with legalized medical cannabis.


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