Kentucky Proposal to Allow Cannabis Oil Research Passes Senate Committee

The Kentucky Senate Health and Welfare Committee has given approval to Senate Bill 124, a proposal that would cannaoilallow the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville to conduct research on cannabis oil, and would allow anyone enrolled in an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) trial (two such trials were approved by the FDA last year) to be legally treated with cannabis oil.

Representative Julie Denton, the primary sponsor of the proposal, acknowledges that the bill doesn’t go far enough, but she believes this is a measure that has an opportunity to pass through both chambers of the state’s legislature this year.

Senator David Givens was the sole member of the committee to vote in opposition to the bill; he gave no reasoning why. The measure was endorsed by Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer.

The bill now heads towards a full Senate vote, where its passage is expected.

– TheJointBlog

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