Kentucky Measure to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced, Public Hearing Set

Kentucky Measure to Legalize Medical Cannabis Introduced, Public Hearing Set

Kentucky State Senator Perry Clark has introduced a measure which would legalize medical cannabis in the state. The proposal has been assignedshutterstock_9 to the Health and Welfare Joint Committee, and a public hearing has been set for August 21st.

“It’s time”, stated Senator Clark, speaking about the proposal, “40 percent of the states have already passed medical marijuana laws and Kentucky is kind of fallen behind on that. The science is far on our side. Cannabis is medicine. It’s medicine in its many forms”.

Under Clark’s proposal, qualified patients would be authorized to possess as well as privately cultivate cannabis (5 ounces and 5 plants), and the state’s Board of Pharmacy would be directed to license dispensaries.

Advocates of medical cannabis in Kentucky should be fast at work contacting their district’s legislator and state’s governor; you can find their contact information by clicking here.



  • R Moore
    July 22, 2013

    Yes we are doing it here in Kentucky!

  • Jacqueline
    July 22, 2013

    I would hope that all the states in the US are blessed with being able to have Medical Cannabis.

    I wish one day that the UK would follow in your Footsteps, and believe in what Medical Cannabis can do, rather than make it a “C Grading” and stipulating it is not good for us.

    When we read and see how your all establishing the use of the herb, for Pain Relief and Cures, it does make us wonder, why our country is so far behind on the knowledge of the Science behind the results on Cannabis.

    Some time ago in one of the years, 2 Scientists were sacked for telling the truth of what the Herb can do, why ask for their help, and opinions, when all they were going to do was sack them, and make out the Herb is bad for everyone to use.

    I do hope everything goes well with the meeting…..we do need more people like yourself in our Country who believe in what the Herb can do, without people like yourself and others we stand no chance of anything happening here.

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