Kentucky House Speaker Will Soon File Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

Kentuckykentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo has announced that he will file a bill in the upcoming legislative session aimed at legalizing medical cannabis.

“I think it’s going to get some play this session; I don’t know how much,” says Stumbo, noting that although Kentucky lawmakers have been hesitant of legalizing medical cannabis in past sessions, the momentum for change is increasing.

As part of the upcoming bill, cannabis possession and use would be legal for those with a qualifying condition who receive a recommendation from a physician. “Compassion centers” would be established as a means of safe access to the medicine.

In April, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signed into law a proposal legalizing the cannabis compound cannabidiol. Although this move was a welcome step forward, it didn’t go nearly far enough to provide relief to those who need it, and could benefit from medical cannabis.

Senator Perry Clark has filed a separate medical cannabis legalization bill for the upcoming session, as he has the past several years.

According to polling released last year, 78% of those in Kentucky support legalizing medical cannabis.


11 thoughts on “Kentucky House Speaker Will Soon File Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill”

  1. i think marijuana should be legalized… God made it so why are we being restricted from using and growing it? car part could be made from hemp that are 10 times stronger that steel. i gtg, just legalize it! please!

  2. If only it were going to be that easy in KY. In graves county, the police will take advantage of the situation and arrest ppl left and right. They are a commonwealth state and do what they please. I went to jail for 3 days over rolling papers and fought the charges for a year. Cost me over 1000 in fines. When I know ill be safe living there again with my meds, I might consider moving back, otherwise, fuck KY

  3. hurry up before i die legalize. why should a doctor have to say its alright to use pot GOD made this medicine it is not dope . dope is man made herbal medicine Thanks, Walter.

  4. Friend had cancer browies worked for a while with cemo.Had dry heves for 7 days on what the drs.gave her, 2 puffs no sickness!! ask a policeman who they rather stop a person hi or drunk !

  5. i have chronic pain. I also watch my dad die of cancer. He could not eat. I tried to get him to use some pot so he would eat. But he would not cause it was not legal. If it was your dad and you knew that would help him. What would you do. I also have family and friends that have seizures. The cannabis stops not helps it stops there seizures. Again what if that was your family or friends.I think it’s a shame that people have to leave the state of ky to get help for there family’s. You think with all the coal jobs being gone our state could use some tax dollars. I’m just saying. Thank you and I hope and pray you guys in Frankfort legalize cannabis. Not to leave out it would help the pill problem we have.

  6. We need this. There are so many medical conditions that this would help. The only reason is big pharmaceutical company’s wanna stop a safer natural alternative. They stand to lose money and that’s all they care about not patients or people hurting. I’m in Barren county Kentucky please push to pass this.

  7. The sooner a bill can be passed for the safety of the consumer the better off Kentucky will be. I’ve suffered with epileptic seizures since I was 8 years old, and for the last decade or so I’ve used cannabis as a medicine. There has a been a dramatic decrease in the seizures since. I am not here to say it is for everyone, but it has definitely helped me.


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