Kansas House Approves Bill to Reduce Cannabis Penalties, Legalize Medical Cannabis Extracts, Study Hemp

Kansas-FlagThe Kansas House of Representatives has passed an amended version of House Bill 2049, a proposal that initially would have simply reduce the penalties associated with cannabis possession, but was altered to make several other changes.

The bill, which now moves towards a full Senate vote, would reduce the penalty for the first-time possession of cannabis for personal use from a Class A misdemeanor, to a Class B misdemeanor, reducing the potential jail sentence from a year to six months. This would also reduce the fine from $2,500, to $1,000. The proposal would also reduce the charge for someone’s second offense fromĀ a felony to a misdemeanor.

House Bill 2049, as amended, would also legalize the possession, use and distribution (through regulated dispensaries) of low-THC cannabis extracts for the treatment of seizure disorders; the cannabis medicine must contain no more than 3% THC.

Finally, the bill would authorize the study of industrial hemp cultivation in the state.

If approved by the Senate, House Bill 2049 will be sent to Governor Sam Brownback for consideration.


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