Kandypens Oura Review: Easy Use and Great Performance

Kandypens Oura Review: Easy Use and Great Performance

A portable rig comes in handy when you need to vaporize wax concentrates for those fast and powerful highs on the go. The Kandypens Oura is a premium portable rig designed for simplicity of operation while hitting the high temps that give you control over your vaping session.

Amateur vapers often shy away from rigs because of their perceived ‘complexity’ but the Kandypens Oura is simple enough that you can use it effectively the first time you get it. What sets this portable rig apart from the competition?

In the Box

The initial purchase comes with;

Delta Extrax

  • 1 Kandypens Oura
  • 1 ceramic atomizer
  • 1 quartz crystal atomizer
  • Carb cap and tether
  • Dab tool
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 4 cotton swabs
  • 1 carrying bag


The Oura has been designed for wax concentrates only. It is a bucket-style rig, which is standard for many portable rigs in the market. But the Oura breaks away in some aspects like the bell-shaped water bubbler, and the heating coil attached to the base at the front. The atomizer has also been designed to slip in and out easier.  The Oura comes with both ceramic and quartz atomizers, which are easily interchangeable. A tethered carb cap is attached to the side of the coil taking away that common fail of misplacing the cap.

The Oura does away with buttons and comes with a sensor placed below the heating coil. The sensor is encircled with a luminous LED band that changes color according to the temperature setting. The sensor has haptic feedback to confirm your commands. The USB-C charging port makes the device compatible with many other devices today; it can draw power from the PC, Smart TV, gaming console, etc.

The Oura has minimalist good looks.The base has a zinc alloy exterior in matte black with a thin silver band and a big “K” logo embossed on the side. The glass chamber looks a bit thin and delicate, but the whole rig has a more solid feel to it than previous Kandypens.

Ease of control

The touch sensor does all making operating the right very simple, the only drawback is if you were not familiar with the number of taps you could take time doing trial and error before getting the hang of it. Tap the touch sensor 5 times to power on the device, tap 3 times to cycle between temperatures, and hold down the sensor for 5 seconds to check the battery level.

2 taps will activate ‘sesh-mode’ which the rig hits the max temperature for 1 minute and shuts off automatically, which can be very handy to finish off with a couple of hits. It is possible to cycle the temperatures in sesh-mode. The Oura comes with automatic shut down after 4 minutes which helps save your battery.

There are 4 colors to guide you when cycling temperatures;

  • Yellow – 620 °F
  • Green – 860 °F
  • Red – 980 °F
  • Blue – 1090°F

Heating up in yellow and green modes takes around 5 seconds while red and blue modes take around 20 seconds.

Vapor quality

The best results come when you dab a BB-sized wax pebble.  Place the wax after the atomizer has heated up instead of placing it as the atomizer is heating.  This produces bigger and denser clouds.  The ceramic atomizer takes a little longer to heat up than the quartz atomizer and retains heat for longer. The quartz atomizer gives more flavor and dense clouds as well, but not as the ceramic.

Green and red modes give the best balance for flavor and big clouds, while blue mode delivers a quicker hit with big and dense clouds, but less flavor. While wax concentrates generally require high heating, the Oura’s max temperature is a bit too high and will make the vapor feel harsh when heated for more than 1 minute.

Battery life and charging of Kandypens Oura

The Oura comes with a 3,000 mAh in-built battery chargeable via a USB-C port. It takes 1.5-2 hours to get to full charge. The LED band shows red for low power, yellow for adequate power, and green when fully charged. You activate the battery check by holding the touch sensor down for 5 seconds.

You can get 25-30 sesh-sessions (1-minute max heating) from a full charge. Assuming you are doing 3-5 hits per session, you can get   100 hits with judicious use.  The automatic shutoff feature helps extend battery life even further. One outstanding feature of the Oura is that you can use it while it is charging. You will need a good base for stability and easy reach.

Ease of cleaning

The Oura’s few cleaning parts make it easy to clean and keeps it low maintenance. Tiny bits of wax residue is usually left at the bottom of the cup after use, which you can easily clean by wiping with isopropyl alcohol. Both atomizers can be safely soaked in alcohol.  The bubbler can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol as well; swish a little bit and rinse out with clean water.

The Oura’s weak point is the glass part which is fragile and can easily break; you will need to be careful where you place the rig.

How discreet is it?

While the Oura is portable, it will not fit in your hand and would be a bit awkward to put in your pocket. Buy it is easily movable from room to room, and portable in your bag to carry to a friend’s house party or a beach outing.

Is it a good choice?

Kandypens Oura is also reviewed by Haze Smoke Shop in their blog section. Kandypens would have gone a step further and made this a dual-use dry herb/wax vaporizer which would make it truly unbeatable in its class. The $349.95 price tag feels a bit steep for a single-use dab rig, but you can find some coupons knocking off $50 to ease the pinch.

Overall, the Oura looks great and performs excellently if your interest is wax concentrates. Its refreshing design and ease of use, while delivering a premium experience makes it a formidable contender in the portable rigs class.


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