JUUL vs BLU – An Impartial Comparison

Are you new to vaping? Do you want to buy the best vape pen to have an enhanced vaping experience? Are you confused between JUUL and BLU? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss both these types of popular vape pens and will make a fair comparison to enable you to take the right decision.


The function and pitch of JUUL and BLU are similar in many aspects. You can expect the same sensation with the same level of the nicotine. Before making a fair comparison, first, we will have a look at each product individually.

JUUL: The Vape Pen

JUUL is very popular in the UK and US. It is the most well-known among all the leading brands operating today. Also, this is the youngest brand and has received much appreciation within a short period. All the credit goes to its unique flavors and ease of use. JUUL comes with one device, called JUUL.

The device is lightweight, small, and super easy to carry. It runs on s small battery and the E juice is stored on pods, known as JUUL pods. The pods are inserted into the top of JUUL device. The usage is also simple and easy. You just need to charge your device and then insert a JUUL pod to take a drag. You are ready with your vape pen.

JUUL Flavor List

There will be some limited flavor options for your JUUL pod. As it comes as a closed system, you cannot add any other E juice. In the current condition, JUUL provides eight types of flavors. These are mint, mango, classic menthol, fruit melody, classic tobacco, cucumber flavor, Virginia tobacco, and crème flavor. JUUL offers limited flavor options. But all these flavors are good. Also, these pods run Nic Salts E Juice. That means you can expect a stronger flavor than other normal E juices. All the JUUL pods can last around two hundred puff.

BLU: The Vape Pen

MyBlu is amazingly similar to the JUUL. If you are new to this industry, you might not find much difference between these vape pens. Both of them are closed systems and run on pods. Also, pods run on Nic Salts E Juice to offer stronger results. Though these are similar in many aspects, still, you can notice some difference in the design.

BLU feels and looks robust than the JUUL. It is longer and thicker than the previous one. Also, BLU has more rounded edges than angular JUUL. BLU is super portable and can be easily fitted anywhere. You can keep it in your pocket. In brief, both these devices are very much similar in their look and usage. Both are portable and elegant.

BLU Flavor List

BLU pods are known as the MyBlu. It offers many flavor options unlike the previous one. You can expect four times flavor options as much as JUUL. If you like to experiment with different types of flavors, you might find BLU worth spending. The BLU offered flavors are menthol, tobacco, blueberry, coconut breeze, tobacco crème, mango apricot, green apple, cherry crush, ginseng ginger, café latte, bourbon caramel, blue ice, and eucalyptus lemon.

JUUL vs BLU: A Fair Comparison

Look and Usage

MyBlu is little bigger than JUUL. It offers a very smooth hit with a variety of flavors. When it comes to JUUL, it hits just right. It will ensure a smooth transition from a traditional tobacco product to the e-cigarette. Its powerful and solid throat hit and flavors are able to live up to their names. Let’s talk about the feel. The JUUL vape pen is flat and MuBlu is more rounded and oval but discreet and small. You can store both these devices easily in your pocket.

Battery Life

JUUL comes with a built-in connection on its end with a small USB connection. BLU features a cord that you need to plug into the end with a charger. Both these are extremely easy to use and charge super fast as well. These devices will be fully charged and ready for use within half an hour. You will not find any noticeable difference in the charging. They will hold the charge for a day at least.


A JUUL starter kit will cost you $49.99. It contains four nicotine cartridges available in different flavors. MyBlu costs $19, 99 that come in one cartridge. So, you can say that MyBlu is more affordable than JUUL. The benefit of JUUL is that you will get more cartridges. You can also buy JUUL cartridges separately. You will have to spend $15, 99 for a pack of four. The price might vary a little depending on the manufacturer.

MyBlu is available in sixteen flavors and costs $9.99 for a two pack of intense flavors or $8.99 for a regular two-pack. MyBlu cartridges will last a week or more. Both these devices use nicotine salts which are more potent than any normal vape juice. However, lower nicotine level options are available in both these brands. If you want, you can consider less nicotine juice to avoid nicotine addiction.


Both JUUL and BLU devices can be used with prefilled nicotine vape juice cartridges. They also come with a mouthpiece. You will get a new mouthpiece with new cartridges. Both come as prefilled and are designed to be disposed of when empty. So, there will be no fuss, no muss, and no mess.

JUUL vs BLU: Bottom Line

From the above, you might have an idea about both these types of vape pens. There is not much difference in the feel, battery life, look, and usage. Yes, you might find a great difference in the flavors. MyBlu has more flavors than JUUL. MyBlu has also got a preference when it comes to the price. It is affordable than JUUL. You can get more flavors without spending much. If you are looking for a less expensive option and you are interested in different types of flavors, you can go with MyBlu. JUUL can be the best choice for all those who want an excellent performance and extremely precise flavor.

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