Judge Orders Illinois to Add Post-Operative Pain as Qualifying Medical Cannabis Condition

illinoisCook County Judge Neil Cohen has ordered the Illinois Department of Health to add post-operative chronic pain as a condition that qualifies people to become legal medical cannabis patients. The state’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board recommended earlier this year that the condition be added to the medical cannabis program, but the Department of Health has declined to do so.

The judge, who ruled in June that the state must add PTSD as a medical cannabis condition (which was followed by Governor Bruce Rauner signing a bill doing just that), gave the director of the Health Department, Dr. Nirav Shah, 20 days to add post-operative chronic pain to the list of qualifying medical cannabis conditions. He scheduled a hearing for November 3rd “to ensure the Director’s compliance with this order.”

According to Department of Health spokesperson Melaney Arnold, the department is reviewing the judge’s order and is consulting with the state’s attorney general.


  1. I think that both of these conditions warrant being part of the medical marijuana program. I am glad that PTSD passed, but I hope that the Chronic Post Operative Pain Due to Surgery will too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Aaron on September 23, 2016 at 10:08 am
    • Reply

    Congressmen, and Judges all over are tired of patients being harassed by antiquainted and unjust laws.

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