Jeff Sessions Studying Marijuana Enforcement Policies Through Task Force

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced today that a task force subcommittee will evaluate marijuana enforcement policies.

AG Jeff Sessions. (Photo: AP/Alex Brandon)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions today issued a memo to 94 U.S. Attorney’s Offices and Department of Justice component heads providing an update on the Department’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety.

As part of that update, the Attorney General announced the creation of Task Force subcommittees that will focus on a variety of issues including “evaluating marijuana enforcement policy”. These subcommittees will also focus on; “developing violent crime reduction strategies, supporting prevention and re-entry efforts, updating charging and sentencing policies, reviewing asset forfeiture guidance; reducing illegal immigration and human trafficking” and “combating hate crimes”.

“I have asked for initial recommendations from the Task Force no later than July 27”, says Sessions; “but will continue to act upon recommendations as they become available”.

The full memo – dated April 5, 2017 – can be found by clicking here.

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