Jeff Sessions Reassured Senators There Won’t be a Federal Crackdown on Marijuana

Politico has reported that Jeff Sessions has privately reassured several Senators that “he won’t deviate from an Obama-era policy of allowing states to implement their own marijuana laws.”

Jeff Sessions According to the report, “Sessions provided some private assurances to senators before he was confirmed that he was not considering a major shift in enforcement, despite his opposition to the use of marijuana.”

According to Senator Rand Paul (R); “He told me he would have some respect for states’ right on these things. And so I’ll be very unhappy if the federal government decides to go into Colorado and Washington and all of these places. And that’s not the [what] my interpretation of my conversation with him was. That this wasn’t his intention”.

Despite this assurance, a bipartisan group of Senators sent a letter to Sessions today urging him to respect state’s rights when it comes to marijuana legalization.

“We respectfully request that you uphold DOJ’s existing policy regarding states that have implemented strong and effective regulations for recreational use,” says the letter, which was led by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D) and Lisa Murkowski (R). “It is critical that states continue to implement these laws.”

The full letter can be found by clicking here.

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