Jeff Mizanskey is Free

Jeff Mizanksey (right), a free man for the first time in 21 years, with his attorney Dan Viets.

After 21 years in prison serving a life sentence without parole for cannabis, Jeff Mizanskey, 61, is now officially a free man.

In 1993, Jeff was charged with thirs third cannabis-related charge, and was sentenced to life without parole as part of the state’s “prior and persistent drug offender”, law which has since been repealed (though the repeal doesn’t take effect until 2017).

In May, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon commuted Jeff sentence after a massive public education campaign by activists, including a petition being submitted to him with over 400,000 signatures – including over 100 lawmakers – asking for Jeff’s freedom.

On August 10th, a parole board decided to grant Jeff parole, allowing him his freedom for the first time in over two decades. Now, on the morning of September 1st, 2015, Jeff is officially free, and has been reunited with his family.

We wish Jeff and his family nothing but the best, and couldn’t be more excited with his freedom.

It’s cases like this – a nonviolent man being separated from his friends, family and society for years simply because he was in possession of cannabis – that demonstrate just how terrible cannabis prohibition really is, and why we can’t stop fighting until it’s achieved worldwide!


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  1. If you are reading this Jeff, you must be thinking the World has changed… 🙂 all the best, hope your story pushes the awareness of the rest of us, it has made me think!


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