Italian City Votes To Legalize Cannabis

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Italian City Votes To Legalize Cannabis

The City Council of Turin, Italy, has given approval to a proposal to legalize cannabis, making Turin the first Italian city to do so.  italy

The measure consists of two parts; the first permits cannabis to be used for therapeutic and medical purposes, while the second part overrules a 2006 Fini-Giovanardi law, which abolished any distinction between cannabis and hard drugs, and introduced the same penalties for possession of cannabis as heroin.

“We want to put an end to the political prohibition, which has only served to give illegal traffickers hundreds of billions of euros, and thousands of citizens a criminal record,” said Marco Grimaldi, the primary sponsor of the proposal.

According to the council; “This is a move from a prohibitionist structure to one where soft drugs, particularly cannabis, are legally produced and distributed”.

Although the proposal won’t bring forth legal cannabis sales in the near future, it does significantly improve the city’s cannabis laws, and will hopefully spark a conversation throughout the nation that’s greatly needed.

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