Italian Army Begins Cultivating Medical Cannabis

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Italian Army Begins Cultivating Medical Cannabis

In an italyeffort to reduce the cost of cannabis for qualified patients, Italy’s army has begun cultivating the medicine.

“The aim of this operation is to make available to a growing number of patients a medical product which isn’t always readily available on the market, at a much better price for the user,” Colonel Antonio Medica told the Italian website Corriere della Sera. “We’re aiming to lower the price to under 15 euros, maybe even around 5 euros per gram”.

Currently, medical cannabis is legal in Italy, but it can be hard to come by, and given that all of the product is imported from the Netherlands, it can be incredibly expensive, oftentimes around 35 euros a gram.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense announced in September that they’ve reached an agreement that will put the military in charge of operations to cultivate cannabis and to produce cannabis-based medicines.

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The cannabis is being cultivating at a military pharmaceutical plant in Florence that also produces drugs for Italy’s armed forces, as well as other products for the market including cosmetics and spirits.


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