ISIS Announces Opposition to Legalizing Cannabis, Calls it “Deviance”

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ISIS Announces Opposition to Legalizing Cannabis, Calls it “Deviance”

By Tom Angell,

Campaigners for marijuana legalization just got a vocal new opponent: The Islamic State.

The latest issue of Dabiq, the group’s official magazine, includes ending cannabis prohibition in a list of so-called “deviances” like pornography and feminism:

The deviance carried on until the so-called “Brave New World” of America and Western Europe began legalizing marijuana, bestiality, transgenderism, sodomy, pornography, feminism, and other evils, allowing the Christian pagans of Europe, America, and Australia to break the crime record of every disbelieving nation to precede them in history, including that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The 82-page production, released on Sunday, also contains a photo a pro-legalization rally, referring to attendees as “pagans.”

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The faces of a few of the participants, presumably women, are blurred out with pixels.

Elsewhere in the issue, the writers praise recent terror attacks in Orlando and Nice and criticize Westerners for their “hedonic addictions and heathenish doctrines” which have “enslaved them to false gods including their clergy, their legislatures, and their lusts.”

The magazine also includes an essay titled “Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You” and a profile of Pope Francis headlined “In the Words of the Enemy.”

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