Is Buying CBD Online Legal?

Legality of CBD

Is Buying CBD Online Legal?

With the rise in popularity of cannabis lately, there are still many questions regarding its legality. After the Agriculture Act of 2018 was reauthorized, hemp, a species of the cannabis plant, has been legalized on the federal level.


With this, hemp byproducts also began to flood the market. This includes cannabidiol or CBD, one of the most active cannabinoids found in the plant.


This hemp oil extract comes in many forms. Despite its popularity, is it legal to buy CBD oil online? While physical shops and dispensaries sell them, online retail is also fast-growing by the minute. It’s no wonder it has become a trend in the health community in recent decades.

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Is CBD Legal in the United States?

Generally speaking, CBD oil is legal in the United States with a certain catch. Since CBD is a hemp product, it is required by law to contain no more than 0.3 THC trace content by dry weight. The effects of THC responsible for the cannabis high. In low doses, it is relatively safe and produces no adverse side effects.


While THC remains labeled as a controlled substance, CBD has been deemed a safe compound by the WHO. Due to the updated hemp act being relatively new, lawmakers are still studying and formulating policies that can better improve the industry while regulating it for the safety of users.


Local hemp companies are highly encouraged to source their raw plant materials from farms in the state-side. This will ensure that the hemp is grown for commercial use and all of its resulting products are naturally-grown, GMO-free, and practices sustainable farming methods.


Hemp Plant State Laws

While hemp and CBD are legal on the federal level, state laws may have a thing or two to say about that. The specificities of the new Farm Bill may vary depending on the state guidelines. This means that while purchasing CBD in California is okay, it may not be the same in Virginia.


Unfortunately, not all 50 states have fully legalized industrial hemp. There are some who allow its retail but with strict protocols. There are places wherein they require a doctor’s prescription and a medical ID card before allowing customers to avail of any CBD product.


Some have restrictive medical marijuana programs that only allow patients with certain conditions to have access to any cannabis medication, including marijuana and hemp. As the years go by, however, many locals demand a review of their local laws. Some are actively trying to lobby for their state to adhere to federal laws regarding CBD extract and its products.


Hemp Oil and CBD

CBD’s rise to fame is all thanks to the many supposed health benefits many claim have helped them greatly. Users take Blosum’s CBD oil to alleviate all kinds of conditions. Namely, to relieve chronic pains, soothe anxiety, lessen nausea, and even aid them in sleeping better.


Although scientific research on this has a long way to go, previous studies and clinical trials have produced promising results. Despite this, there are still many who are confused between the difference between hemp oil and CBD.


Their difference comes mainly from which part of the plant they are extracted from. There are only parts of raw hemp that contain cannabidiol. These are the flowers, leaves, and stalks. In order to isolate CBD, different methods are used like CO2 extraction.


In contrast, hemp oil comes from cold-pressed hemp seeds.  Cannabidiol oil can be strained to only contain the desired cannabinoids Some CBD brands sell full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or pure CBD.


The first two carry an array of active cannabinoids with the first one containing low amounts of THC, the second one being completely free of it.


The confusion between the two is also understandable. Oftentimes, this works to the advantage of marketing strategies. Brands purposefully market hemp seed oil and CBD oil to be interchangeable when they are not.


As a consumer, protect yourself by reading company policies, ingredients, and product labels carefully before purchasing anything.


Where Can I Buy CBD Online?

There are many places that cater to all of your hemp needs. Grocery stores, wellness spas, cannabis dispensaries, and even convenience stores sell them over the counter. This is, of course, as long as your state laws allow them too.


The good thing is that many good hemp companies sell CBD products online nowadays too. You don’t need to step out of your house to buy your goodies. This is even more convenient with the vast options of cashless transactions and door-to-door deliveries.


So is it legal to buy CBD online? The short answer is yes, but it also depends on where you’re from and that place’s rule and regulations on hemp consumptions. Be sure to thoroughly research first before buying to avoid conflict with the law.


Reputable brands that produce high-quality products will also guarantee customers that your CBD oil has been third-party lab tested for purity and potency.


Though the FDA still warns consumers that CBD should only be taken as a dietary supplement. It is not intended to replace any prescription medication.

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