Iowa Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

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Iowa Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

Iowa’s Senate, with a vote of 36 to 12, has approved Senate File 2360, a measure to legalize the cannabis compound cannabidiol for medical purposes.iowa

Under the proposed law, which now heads to the state’s House of Representatives, cannabidiol will be legal for those who receive a recommendation from a neurologist. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that, like the plant itself, has vast medical value. The measure authorizes the use of cannabidiol in non-smoking form such as oil and tincture.

Although the proposal clearly doesn’t go far enough to provide medical cannabis to those who could benefit from it, it’s stil a significant step forward that will benefit the lives of many.

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  • Elizabeth Barnett
    April 24, 2014

    I am an Alcoholic who has not drank in 5 yes and WAS FIRED FROM MY Dr’s Office for NOT HAVING HIGH ENOUGH LEVELS OF LORTABS & LORAZEPAM IN MY UA that they Held onto for A MONTH PRIOR TO Having it tested.Wait I was over 100 miles away on the date They say I pee-ed for them!! I worked hard at NOT GETTING ADDICTED TO THEM!! Were talking about a town of maybe 900,where I lived for 20Yrs!! I worked at the HOSPITAL!!!

  • Anonymous
    April 27, 2014

    These cbd only bills are horse shit. Who’s in charge of this state? Oh… I forgot.. A governor who’s son commited vehicular homicide while drunk on two seperate occasions… (And got away scott free!) and a geriatric, racist senator with his head so far up his ass his ears are perfectly packed with shit. No wonder Iowas greatest export is its children. I left that state over 30 years ago. If i didnt have parents there I’d never go back.

    Know this, Iowans…. If it werent obvious to them that they were SURELY going to lose this entire argument they’d never concede this much in the first place! You are winning. Vote this down. You shouldnt have to fight here. Youre the voters. If the scum in the big chairs dont have your best interests at heart…. Replace them with people who do!
    I feel like im watching a dog beg for a treat. Youre the dogs! Bit that son of a bitch and take what you want!

  • Joe Mungus
    April 27, 2014

    Who’s running what in Iowa? Oh… I forgot. A governor who’s son committed two seperate acts of vehicular homicide while drunk in the late 80s (and never served a day in jail) and a geriatric racist senator who still thinks the FBI should be running things. I left there over 30 years ago. Best decision I ever made.Its sad… But, Iowas greatest export isnt corn… Its their children.

    That said… Know this Iowans… These cbd only bills are just a stop gap measure. They know damned well theyre losing the argument . They also know theyre going to lose everything if they dont throw you this kibble. DONT SETTLE FOR KIBBLES! They make way too much money locking people up for this shit. Theyre not ready to give that up! No! They dont care if your kids end up with records and dont get considered for high paying jobs because they got a 5 year sentence for a nickle bag of weed. Not at all. As long as they can get their claws into them and bilk the taxpayers and fed for monies related to “rehabilitation” all is golden in the hawkeye state.

    Dont blame other states because theyve got more progressive laws. The reason they do is because theyve voted the people out who werent willing to represent the will of the people. You can do the same.

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