Iowa Measures to Legalize Medical Cannabis, Decriminalize Cannabis Possession to be Filed in January

Iowa State Senator Joe Bolkcom plans to introduce a measure to legalize medical cannabis in the state once the legislative session reconvenes in January.thcfinder The senator will also be filing a proposal to decriminalize cannabis possession, according to his administration.

Under the proposed medical cannabis law, cannabis will be removed from schedule 1 on the state’s controlled substances list, leading the way for physician’s to recommend it to qualified patients, who would be able to possess it and potential grow it for medical purposes. Bolkcom plans to file a 2nd medical cannabis proposal to authorize dispensaries.

If approved, Iowa would become the 22nd state to approve some form of medical cannabis.

Under the proposed decriminalization law, the possession of a small amount of cannabis (the specific limit is yet to be determined) will become a simple ticket, rather than a criminal, and arrestable offense.

Those in Iowa should be contacting their district’s legislators (which you can look up by clicking here), urging them to support the legalization of medical cannabis, as well as the decriminalization of cannabis possession.


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