Iowa House Committee Passes Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Extracts

Iowa’s House Public Safety Committee has voted in favor of Senate File 2360, a measure to legalize cannabis extracts for medical purposes. The measure has already passed the state’s full Senate.

A bottle of tincture made from cannabis extracts.

A bottle of tincture made from cannabis extracts.

If approved into law, Senate File 2360 would legalize low-THC cannabis extracts for those who receive a recommendation from a neurologist. Although smokable cannabis would remain illegal even for medical purposes, other methods of consumption – such as tinctures, oils and teas – would be authorized.

“We have an opportunity here today to get government out of the way so that parents and their neurologists can come to a decision about what is best for their children,” says Representative Jarad Klein, a supporter of the measure.

The proposal now awaits a full House vote; if approved, it will go back to the Senate (for concurrence) before heading to the governor for consideration.

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