Iowa Governor Says He’ll Sign Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

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Iowa Governor Says He’ll Sign Medical Cannabis Bill Into Law

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad announced today on the public television program Iowa Press that he will sign Senate File 2360 into law next week, a proposal which legalizes the cannabis kccicompound cannabidiol for those with epilepsy.

Under the proposed law, individuals who receive a recommendation from a neurologist and a registration card from Iowa’s Department of Public Health would be authorized to possess and use up to 32 ounces of cannabidiol.

The measure quite obviously doesn’t go far enough; the entire cannabis plant should be legal, not just one particular compound (which has vast medical value, but isn’t as effective when not in conjunction with the other compounds found in cannabis), and the proposal only applies to those with epilepsy despite cannabis being proven to be helpful in a number of other conditions including cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Still, the bill represents a solid step in the right direction, and activists should be encouraged as they fight for further reform.


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  • Janet Evans
    May 26, 2014

    Iiam extremly concerned about New Mexico’s plan to take away or create obstacles for veterans toget cannabis medcine. We must all support the Don’t take away our medicine plan because I know being a vet’s mom how cannabis has helped me deal with the trauma of my son being hurt in a war. I was so disappointed in colorado too for excluding our veterans for PTSD. These people should be allowed to grow their own or get access in facilities. We can NOT let our legislation go BACKWARDS. Our vets deserve whatever we can do for them. President Obama your silence on this is without conscience! It’s a “bad habit” is an outdated cliche and the American people are looking to you for the truth.

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