Iowa Democratic Party Makes Legalizing All Drugs an Official Party Platform

iowaIn a surprise move, the Iowa Democratic Party at their annual convention on Sunday voted to make legalizing all drugs an official party platform, indicating that they support and will work towards it.

In total, the Iowa Democrats adopted 563 official party planks, with “legalizing all drugs” being #293. Although elected Democrats are free to ignore the party’s planks, the planks are meant to serve as a manifesto of sorts in regards to th Democrat’s values, beliefs and goals.

“I was kind of stunned that it got through the convention, but that’s what the convention wanted,” says Mike Robinson, chairman of the platform committee.

Although no state or country has taken the step of legalizing all controlled substances, in Portugal the personal possession of all drugs has been decriminalized for nearly 15 years, and the results have been a resounding success. According to a report by the Cato Institute, not only has drug usage rates declined in the country since decriminalization, addiction rates, overdose deaths and STDs are down drastically.

Last year we published an opinion piece detailing 10 reasons we believe all drugs should be legal; yo can read that piece by clicking here.

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